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Books and Scientific Papers

The BMAP research results are  being published in scientific papers and books.

  • Aguirre L, San Martin G, Alvarez-Campo, P. 2016. Autolytinae from Peru: description of Myrianida paredesi sp. nov. and new records of Myrianida pentadentata (Imajima, 1966), and Proceraea micropedata (Hartmann-Shröeder, 1962). Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom 96: 1633-1649.

  • Catenazzi A, Vargas García V, Lehr E .2015. A new species of Telmatobius (Amphibia, Anura, Telmatobiidae) from the Pacific slopes of the Andes, Peru. ZooKeys 480: 81-95. doi:

  • Trinidad H, Mendoza W, Cano A. 2013. Krapfia grace-servatiae (Ranunculaceae), a New Species from the High Andes of Peru. Harvard Papers in Botany 18(2):259-263. doi:

  • Deichmann J, Sahley CT, Vargas V, Chipana O, Smith E, Velazco W, Catenazzi A. 2013. Monitoring an endemic amphibian along a natural gas pipeline in the Peruvian Andes.FrogLog 21(2):65-68.

  • Catenazzi A, von May R, Vredenburg VT. 2013. High prevalence of infection in tadpoles increases vulnerability to fungal pathogen in high-Andean amphibians. Biological Conservation 159: 413-421. doi:

  • Alcocer R, Servat GP, Mendoza W. 2012. Extensión de la distribución del rango migratorio de la “Dormilona de Frente Negra”, Muscisaxicola frontalis (Aves: Tyrannidae) en el Perú. Revista Peruana de Biología, [S.l.],  18(3): 381 - 382,  doi:


The BMAP make fieldguides in order to facilitate the proper flora and fauna identification in the study areas.


The BMAP work has received media coverage. You can find here published information in the local and foreign press.

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