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Coastal Hills of Bats

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The Coastal Hills of Bats are located in the arid western Andes and in the foothills of the Department of Ica, east of the Pisco Sand Plains and north of the city of Ica.


In this highly desert coastal landscape, the Right of Way (RoW) runs largely along the ridges of the divisions of the local basins (elevations from 750 to 3,100 meters above sea level) through the desert scrub (44 %) before descending to the Río Seco Valley (elevations of 750 to 1,100 meters above sea level) with columnar cacti and bushes (56%).


Cactaceae are abundant in this ELU, including columnar species such as Armatocereus procerus, Browningia candelaris, and Neoraimondia arequipensis. Two threatened species of the genus Cleistocactus grow in this ELU. Eroded areas and gullies support some shrubs, but Bulnesia retama is important as it is a key resource for many wildlife species. This arid and rocky landscape shelters threatened species such as the Longirrostro Peruvian Bat (Planoina genovensium) and the almost-threatened lizard Microlophus tigris. This unit corresponds to the Seco River Basin and is named in recognition of the presence of the Peruvian Longirostro Bat as the Quebrada Murciélagos.

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